Become a beta reader / beta listener in our volunteer program

Support Latter-day Saint authors by providing crucial feedback on their latest works

Nauvoo Supply Co. hosts lots of creative works — books, music, art, and products. We have a house publishing arm called 40 Degrees North, focused on books and music and we’re looking for readers of all ages and reading interests to foster LDS writing and music to refine their work. We’re clear about our mission of publishing works that positively contribute to a culture of faith, and of identity of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but being a Church member isn’t required of our writers or our beta readers. 

Am I qualified to be a beta reader / beta listener? 

We would love if you have experience as a beta reader, or musician, but that’s not required. We're looking for all age ranges and experience levels.

You'll be qualified if you...

  • Understand how good books and good music can affect a person’s spirit.
  • Are passionate about fostering strong, positive Latter-day Saint culture and values.
  • Can articulate your opinions in constructive, usable ways.

What we expect from our beta readers and beta listeners

  • Constructive input. We ask that you provide honest, yet helpful feedback that is actionable. Feedback should be shared in a way that helps creators and editors understand so they can improve their work.  
  • Your feedback should be specific about clarity of their work, character development, key plot points, and overall story lines, and key messages. Or for music, the production value, tone, pacing, and messages there.
  • Privacy. We expect beta readers will not leak or share unpublished works, or the content of private discussions about unpublished works.

What to expect from us

  • You’ll get to read books before they're published and listen to music before it's published.
  • We’ll do our best to send you material/works that are relevant to your interests you provide.
  • Consistent communication. We aim to give our beta readers clear instructions and deadlines for completing feedback.
  • Privacy. We won’t share the identity of our beta readers or your private comments and critiques unless you give us permission.
  • We can’t compensate you monetarily, but as a thank you, we'll give you a copy of the completed work and you’ll have the gratitude of our creators.