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Sponsor Our Overseas Customers

Sponsor Our Overseas Customers

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Shipping overseas can be expensive, and conversion rates from some currencies can make our prices a little steep. When you buy a "sponsorship" in any dollar amount, you're enabling us to offer discounts and/or reduced shipping costs to customers overseas.

For example, we can ship a shirt for free if 1 person buys a sponsorship for $8. Or if 3 people buy $3 in sponsorships we can get our items at a rate that helps cover our costs.

This site is not a charity (but maybe it should be), so your sponsorship isn't a tax-deductible charitable contribution, but our promise is transparency, and our goal is global reach.

Thank you!

Production and shipping

_ Printed in the US on a premium quality American-made item 🇺🇸

_ Expect 6 to 10 days for arrival. That's about 1 day for processing, 2 - 5 days for production, and 3 - 4 days for shipping.

_ Ships for FREE to the US 🚛🇺🇸

Returns and refund policy

We guarantee our items will arrive in the time we listed above and will be undamaged, and of good quality.

However, because this item was made to order, we can't refund clothes that don't fit, orders for the wrong color, or if a customer changes their mind.

That said, we're a small family business and offer full refunds for damaged goods if they have production errors or misprints, or if you just plain got the wrong item. Our reputation is important to us, so if there are issues with your order, we want to make it right.

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