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He Walked the Americas – Hardcover Christ in America Book by L. Taylor Hansen

He Walked the Americas – Hardcover Christ in America Book by L. Taylor Hansen

New, 1994 Reprint

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New, not used. This book is a collection of Native American Indian legends gathered from various tribes across the Americas. It is the first book to document these spoken tales in writing. The book describes how, over two thousand years ago, a man journeyed from tribe to tribe among the American nations. He traveled from Peru on the Pacific coast, through South and Central America, among the Mayans, into Mexico, across all of North America, and finally back to Tula before departing across the Atlantic to his homeland.

As you read each story, you'll ask, who was this white Prophet who spoke a thousand languages, healed the sick, raised the dead, and taught in the same words as Jesus? The book spans 256 pages, with color illustrations on every page. It boasts a beautiful hardcover binding with embossed mylar, making it one of the most durable books you can find.
The author was not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and readers shouldn't assume the stories represent doctrines or teachings of the Church. 

About the author

Lucille Taylor Hansen (1897 - 1976) was a prolific author and researcher, known for blending history, science, and speculative thought in works that explored ancient civilizations, myths, and unexplained phenomena. She captivated readers with a unique mix of scholarly insight and imaginative speculation.


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