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About us

What we consume and where we stand matter

As Saints, we tend to stream the movies, music, and books the world creates. We identify with the world’s brands. The name Nauvoo Supply Co. underscores the Nauvoo period in the history of the people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a pivotal chapter in our history where we had the audacity to construct a city larger than Chicago (at that time) from the marshes along the Mississippi River. The name Nauvoo signals the rich cultural depth, history, and heritage to draw inspiration.


Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to questions you might have.

How soon will I get my order?

Typical orders can take 1-3 days of production before they are shipped. Look at the production and shipping details on the items you order because each seller will vary a little bit and some items take longer to produce. You will receive an email with shipping info as soon as the item is produced and has been shipped. 

Can I order in bulk or wholesale? 

If you're interested in bulk orders, or wholesale opportunities, email us to start the conversation: info@nauvoo.supply

What is “The LDS” or “LDS” exactly?

LDS is shorthand for “Latter-day Saint” and it's a reference to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sometimes when people are looking for gifts, or items, specific to Latter-day Saint community, we might use LDS as a tag for convenience in finding items online. 

Why does your site sometimes call things “Mormon”? 

We tend not to, because we use the full name of the Church when it's relevant to our content or items, but you'll see us use the name Mormon when we refer to The Book of Mormon or the prophet Mormon, or to historic events like the Mormon Pioneer Trek. Otherwise, when we refer to the Church we will use its full name.

Where can I buy Nauvoo Supply items?

We're not in physical stores, but you can buy online on NauvooSupply.com, naturally.

Where are you located? 

Our design studio is in Northwest Arkansas. All of our print production and fulfillment partners are in various locations in the US. 

Whenever possible our items are printed in the US on US-made goods and that holds true for most of our items. Other items come from Asia and India, and those will be identified on their respective product page.

Why the name Nauvoo?

The Nauvoo period in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints represents a time when the Church was attracting people from all over the expanding West, Canada and Europe. As it expanded the people were deciding what cultural norms they would keep from their past, or what cultural norms they would create in the new Church.

We also think it has a better sound to it than naming it after Salt Lake or Provo. 

How do you pronounce Nauvoo?

You say it like / naw • voo /. It sounds a little French, but it's actually a Hebrew word that means beautiful. It was not uncommon to hear the city of Nauvoo called Nauvoo the Beautiful

Got more questions? 

Hit us up on the chat. The chat button is at the bottom of every page on the site.