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Latter-day Saints Share Their Temples on Twitter

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Social media can be a place where people share the latest outrage of the day, but a lot of Saints know there's a better use of social media to share goodness.  On Twitter a community of Saints are helping sweep the earth with the temples they personally feel connection to.

The temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are amazing places where we can feel closer to God and connect to our families, past and present. We're not sure what sparked the trend. Maybe the posts were a reaction to the 15 new temples announced by President Nelson in conference last weekend, or maybe it's a reaction to President Nelson calling on members to remove contention. Either way, these tweets are a great reminder that each of us can have a deeply personal relationship with the places where we made covenants with the Lord, in the House of the Lord.

Enjoy this collection of some of the simple, inspiring connections of Church members who have a special bond with the temples that mean the most to them. The simple tweet format is a pure testimony of the light of Christ these buildings bring into the world.

You don't have to be on Twitter to add your temples to your own social profile

Just copy this text format, and grab pics of your temples to add to your post.

The temple where I first did baptisms for the dead
The temple where I got my endowment
The temple where I got sealed
My current temple

Maybe you're on Twitter and want to connect with some of these Saints and add your voice. If you do, tag us.

The Church has more than 160 temples around the world, each one a sacred and beautiful place of worship and service. For many members of the Church, these temples are deeply personal, not just symbols of their faith. This new Twitter trend has Church members sharing some of the special connection to the temples that are meaningful in their lives. Whether they live near or far from a temple, whether they have visited it once or many times, whether they have been sealed to their families or are preparing for that sacred ordinance, these people have found strength and hope in the Lord's house. We hope you enjoyed this visual treat, and maybe even connect with some Saints on Twitter.

Since his tenure began in 2018, President Nelson has announced 133 new temples.

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