Boy Stuns Aunt With Jaredite Land Acknowledgement

Boy Stuns Aunt With Jaredite Land Acknowledgement

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BUTTE, MONTANA – During a quiet Thanksgiving today in Butte, Aunt Liz (33) began the meal by acknowledging the Native American heritage of the land. However, before she could finish her insightful and reverent remarks, her 5-year-old nephew, Liam, interrupted her with an intriguing historical revelation. He began to share the story of the Jaredites, an ancient civilization mentioned in the Book of Mormon, who resided in the region long before and asserted these may have been the predecessors to the people Aunt Liz honored with her comments.

Liam explained that the Jaredites inhabited an area known as Desolation, also referred to as the Land Northward in the sacred text. Aunt Liz, taken aback by Liam’s knowledge, could only quote, “The wisdom of our young ones often surpasses our own. It’s a reminder that history is layered and complex,” to which she added a slow clap.

Uncle Mitch, speechless, just asked for a second helping of the orange stuff, while he quietly pushed the yellow stuff to the side. "Mmm. Good job this year honey."


Happy Thanksgiving! Good parody can make you laugh and reframe things through an absurd lens. We didn't say ours was good parody. We do hope you'll enjoy Thanksgiving and remember the indigenous people of every land, including those who prepared the Book of Mormon for our day. /
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