BYU Introduces New Super Easy, One Question Admissions Test

BYU Introduces New Super Easy, One Question Admissions Test

From the satire desk

BYU has a new admissions test for Freshmen and it's super easy. 

One aspiring student told us anonymously, “I was relieved they didn’t ask if General Conference is, like, more lit than the Pac 12 conference. Seriously, that would’ve been hella, I mean hecka, awkward! 🙌🏈😅

The full press release issued by BYU's Office of University Communications follows. 


PROVO, UTAH — Brigham Young University Provo, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and its affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is proud to announce a significant update to its admissions process. In line with the institution’s mission to maintain the high standards expected of a Church school, BYU has introduced a novel requirement for incoming freshmen.

Starting this academic year, prospective students will be required to answer a single thought-provoking question as part of their application. This new one-question test aims to ensure that students entering BYU align with the university’s values and dedication to spiritual growth. The question will challenge applicants to reflect deeply on their personal beliefs and aspirations, inviting them to articulate their commitment to the principles upheld by BYU. 

The question is not a secret. Please think about your response, because there will not be a do-over. The question is “From the two images below, select the one that best represents the mission of Brigham Young University.”

stained glass window of a BYU football helmetStained glass window artwork of the Father and the Son in the Sacred Grove

Brigham Young University Provo remains steadfast in its mission to foster a nurturing and spiritually enriched environment for all its students. This innovative change to the admissions process exemplifies the university’s commitment to upholding its charter and ensuring that every incoming freshman is prepared to contribute to the vibrant and values-driven community at BYU.

For further information or inquiries, please contact:

Office of University Communications
Brigham Young University Provo


Satire disclaimer

Good satire can make you think, but we never promised this was good satire.

PS — We hope BYU trashes the Arkansas Razorbacks this week, but whether they do or don't, we'll be watching General Conference with even more fervor for the words at that pulpit.


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