Religious Scholar Thrilled to Catch Conference Punctuation Error

Religious Scholar Thrilled to Catch Conference Punctuation Error

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"Gotcha!” a prominent Religious News-ish scholar, slash journalist, exclaimed as he experienced a massive professional payoff. By finding a punctuation mistake among conference materials published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s for their semiannual general conference, the journalist is feeling pretty good about his time well spent.

“135,000 words from 15 hours of talks is a lot to go through but someone has to check the Mormons’ grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When they screw up I will catch them!” the scholar told us on condition we put his name in print.

When asked about his future plans for more conferences, the scholar responded, “Oh, I’m not waiting until next April. I’m going to study every conference back to 1979 because the public needs to know every misplaced comma and em dash those pesky Mormons make.”


We hope you enjoyed this satire from Nauvoo Supply Co. but here’s the thing: The content from General Conference is way more interesting and newsworthy than a publishing error. We think that’s obvious. 

Photo credit: The image was generated by a bot, so any likeness to any real religion scholars or journalists, real or fake, is purely the bot’s fault.

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