LDS Influencer Hank Smith Changes Name to Hanx Mith

LDS Influencer Hank Smith Changes Name to Hanx Mith

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PROVO, UTAH — BYU religion educator, Come Follow Me podcast host, and mega-Latter-day-Saint social media influencer, Hank Smith announced he will reinvent himself as Hanx Mith.

Hank Smith changes name to Hanx Mith - satire tweet from Nauvoo Supply Co

Hanx Mith said in a recent Twitter post on X, "I thought a sectional was a couch, but times are changing and I want to be more inter-sectional. Why should the Latinos and Latinas have all the fun with Latinx?!"
Hanx went on to comment, "I asked my mom if she would be offended if I changed my name, the one she gave me at birth, and she said, “it doesn’t sound any different, dear.

The above is satire — obviously you knew that because nobody uses that many characters in one tweet. We love Hank Smith's mom! Fine, we think her son is okay too.

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