LDS Influencer Hank Smith Changes Name to Hanx Mith

LDS Influencer Hank Smith Changes Name to Hanx Mith

From the satire desk / 

PROVO, UTAH — BYU religion educator, Come Follow Me podcast host and Latter-day Saint social media influencer Hank Smith announced he will reinvent himself as Hanx Mith. 

Hank Smith changes name to Hanx Mith - satire tweet from Nauvoo Supply Co

Hanx Mith said in a recent tweet, "I just thought a sectional was a couch, but times are changing and I want to be more cross-sectional and that X should do it. I asked Mom if she would be offended if I changed my name, and she said, “it doesn’t sound any different, dear.” So, it’s a keeper."

The above is satire — nobody uses that many words in one tweet. We love Hank Smith, and if we ever meet in person we would clap him on the back and say, keep doing what you're doing and we like your podcast! Hank Smith's Follow Him podcast is on Apple Podcasts, and on Google Podcasts.

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