Official Trailer - Porter Rockwell Gunman and Saint

Official Trailer - Porter Rockwell Gunman and Saint

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Earlier this year we became aware of a sweet little short film that some Washington and Utah-based filmmakers are laboring over. The film promises a true-to-life vignette of the nearly mythical bodyguard and peacekeeper from Latter-day Saint history, Orrin Porter Rockwell.

Pop some corn, tap the "full screen" button, set the playback quality to 4K, and press play.

You can read more about the short film, the filmmakers and the cast, and it's projected release date sometime in early 2023 over on their Indiegogo page.

In a world of infinite content, you have infinite choices, and ultimately, we are what we consume. With that lens, we occasionally cover independent LDS music, film, and art because we're interested in promoting Latter-day culture creators.

We reflect what we wear, we amplify what we care about, so let's amplify this film.

The still image and movie trailer in this post were created by Porter Rockwell Movie, LLC and kudos to them for making great material. 
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