Utah’s Wealthiest Outlaw Didn’t Pay No Stinking Tithing

Utah’s Wealthiest Outlaw Didn’t Pay No Stinking Tithing


SALT LAKE CITY, 1904 — The Mormon Tribune religion section discovered Butch Cassidy, the notorious bandit of the Mountain West, and former Latter-day Saint, didn't pay tithing on his ill-gotten spoils.

“This is a major financial blow to the Salt Lake Utah based church,” said the religion editor at the Mormon Tribune. “The LDS Church is the only reason the Tribune has a religion section in the first place.”


Old tweets from Cassidy's blue-check Twitter account further condemned the bandit:

Butch Cassidy tithing tweet
@RealButchCassidy1904: “Being a Latter-day Saint is no longer convenient to my identity as an outlaw. Paying a tenth of my haul would be an acknowledgement to God that he is the source of all my blessings but I'm very busy focusing on my self image and ignoring God right now.”

 The Daily Tribune building; history of Salt Lake Tribune

The above is satire, so any similarities to current billionaires or newspapers is a sideways attempt at humor. This site has no affiliation with the real newspaper that is formerly known as the Mormon Tribune.

Tithing is a covenant we make with the Lord and if you think the Lord looks on the monetary value of the tithe, you may have lost the point of this particular type of sacrifice. You might benefit from reading up on the New Testament story of the Widow who gave her last coin (it was a mite), or take a dose of Old Testament fire with some prophet Malachi preaching against those who would rob God.

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