Seller Dashboard and FAQs

Now that you've registered, we're giving you this link to continue your onboarding. We'll get your shop info and your items setup on Nauvoo Supply. Here you'll find links to item setup, and to setup your shop.

Scroll down for helpful frequently asked questions.

First, set up your shop

You don't have to setup a hosted shop on Nauvoo Supply, but we do need to capture information about you, and how you want to get paid.

Setup your shop

Next, add your items

New item setup forms

Click on the item type you're setting up. We have 4 separate item setup forms for items of different types. One is for standard items you make and ship from your location. Two is for items you design but we produce via print on demand. Three is for items you design and offer for immediate download, and four is for musicians who offer digital music downloads.

  1. Standard item setup
  2. Print-on-demand apparel item setup
  3. Digital printable download setup
  4. Digital music download setup — Coming soon

Item setup fees you should know about

Item type Fulfilled by Setup fee When will fee be charged?
Handmade items  Seller


When your item sells we deduct this from your payout.
Print-on-demand items Nauvoo Supply fulfillment partner


When your item sells we deduct this from your payout.
Digital download items Nauvoo Supply platform


When your item sells we deduct this from your payout.


Print-on-demand items

Print-on-demand (POD) items are printed by our Nauvoo Supply's print fulfilment partners. All POD items are shipped by the printer directly to your customer.

When it comes to color offerings, take caution. Do not make your item available in more than 3 colors. Too many variations introduces decision fatigue. Make it easy by selecting the best color for your design. Note that 80% of t-shirts sold are black for a reason: they go with everything.

Print-on-demand setup fee

We will host your artwork, handle the print-on-demand, and fulfillment for $4.00 (25¢ item setup + $3.75 POD setup). We deduct this from your payout the first time your item sells.

Shipping costs are included

Customers will not pay for shipping, you will pay for shipping out of the item cost. Adjust your pricing accordingly. For example, t-shirts ship to the US for $4 - $5. Email for pricing recommendations.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

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