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  • 1830 LDS Church restoration bumper sticker on a red car
  • Window decal with LDS 1830 church restoration sticker on a car window
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1830 Church Restoration Stickers

Round April 6, 1830 Stickers

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This is our classic April 6, 1830 design, commemorating the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We print the two larger sizes on a high quality, water-proof window decal suitable for all-weather, outdoor conditions. The small 1.5 inch size is not suitable for outdoor use, but it's laminated to hold up to normal wear on any household surfaces you can think of.

Three available sizes /

  • 1.5 inch - good for indoor use, quantify of 1
  • 3 inch - good for indoor and outdoor use, quantify of 1
  • 6 inch - good for indoor and outdoor use, quantify of 1

About production and shipping /

Our shop is Utah-born and everything was designed in our Arkansas studio. Expect 1 day to process your order, 2-3 days for printing, and 5 days to ship to US destinations. 

Refund policy /

We guarantee our items will arrive on time and undamaged. That means we can't refund clothes that don't fit, or if you change your mind. We do offer full refunds for damaged goods, and for items that fail to be delivered in the time we say they'll arrive.

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