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Brigham Young Car Seat Covers (Set of 2)

Brigham Young Car Seat Covers (Set of 2)

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Looking for a great way to protect your car seats and make a fun statement about the prophet who started Brigham Young Academy (that later became BYU)? This pair of car seat covers has our Brigham Young design and is made with top-tier, thick polyester fabric for long-lasting durability. These seat covers come with an elastic fastening system that delivers a secure, snug fit that is tool-free and easy to install. Both covers have identical, pop inspired designs featuring the iconic portrait of Brigham Young, for whom Brigham Young University is named, done in vibrant pop colors. Historians might comment that Young only started Brigham Young Academy, and they would be right; it was made into a university later. But history purists probably wouldn’t understand why you would want this much awesome color in your car anyway.

About the seat covers /
.: High quality thick polyester fabric
.: One set contains TWO seat covers
.: Quick and easy installation
.: Black back cover
.: Identical designs printed on both covers
.: Note: These car seat covers should NOT be used on a seat with side airbags

Seat width 18.5 in.
Seat length 18.5 in.
Backrest width 18.5 in.
Backrest height 29.5 in.


About production and shipping /

  • These car seat covers are printed in China on high quality goods
  • Expect 4 to 5 weeks for arrival. That's about 1 day for processing, 4 - 5 days for production, and 3 - 4 weeks for international shipping.
  • Ships for FREE to the US 🚛🇺🇸
  • This item was designed in our Arkansas studio 🇺🇸

Return policy and refunds /

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Production and shipping

We take pride in offering this item, which is printed and shipped from the USA on a premium quality American-made shirt🇺🇸. Expect your order to arrive within 6 to 10 days, including approximately 1 day for processing, 2-5 days for production, and 3-4 days for shipping. The best part? We provide free shipping within the US 🚛🇺🇸.

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We guarantee our items will arrive in the time we listed above and will be undamaged, and of good quality. 

If items arrive later than the expected arrival date, we will refund the cost of shipping.

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That said, we're a small family business and offer full refunds for damaged goods if they have production errors or misprints, or if you just plain got the wrong item. Our reputation is important to us, so if there are issues with your order, we want to make it right.

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