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By Counter Pop

Imagine Wagons - Digital Download Only

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Our Imagine Wagons design, available as a downloadable file for personal, non-commercial use.

Upon purchasing this, and downloading it, you agree to the following terms:

The file or files provided are for personal, non-commercial use only. Refer to the numbered examples below of things you May do (1 and 2), and the things you may not do with the file (3 through 5).


1- Print the graphic on items for your personal use. Examples include, printing it on shirts for your family, or a flag, or use it in a slide show for your personal viewing, or for a church congregation viewing.

2- You may email the file to your print company if they are doing the printing for one-time personal use. They may not keep the file, or print it for other people or groups.


2- Print it on items that you sell online or at craft shows, etc.

3- You may not share the file with another ward, or friends. It's like music that needs to be licensed—for example, no emailing, or hosting on file sharing servers.

4- You may not sell this digital file and you may not sell physical items you printed using this digital art 

5- You may not share it on blogs or social media sites, implying that you created the art

Thank you for understanding.

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