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By Brett Cain

The Frank Sawyer Suspense Series by Brett Cain 3-Book Paperback Set

The Frank Sawyer Suspense Series by Brett Cain 3-Book Paperback Set

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Introducing the Frank Sawyer suspense series by Brett Cain, bundled as 3-book paperback set. This riveting collection propels readers into the heart-pounding world of Latter-day Saint action hero, Frank Sawyer.

In "White Out," the gripping first installment, Sawyer's journey unfolds on a desolate Montana highway, where a routine drive thrusts him into a perilous web of intrigue. Accused of murder, he battles both nature's unforgiving winter and a decades-old mystery that holds the key to his innocence. Book 2, "Out By Night," sees Sawyer as a wanderer, navigating the open road and stumbling upon a sinister plot involving runaway teenagers in a small California town. The riveting conclusion, Book 3, "Without A Shadow," takes Sawyer to a girls' camp, turning what was meant to be a simple week into a harrowing battle against an unprecedented evil. With few allies and scarce resources, Sawyer must summon all his strength to protect the young women, facing threats both new and old in a journey where nothing is as it seems. Immerse yourself in this heart-stopping trilogy that showcases Brett Cain's mastery in crafting suspenseful tales of an extraordinary hero.

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