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“Creation” Album

“Creation” Album

By Three Degrees of Glory

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Three Degrees of Glory delivers an impressive debut album with ”Creation.” It's a humble, yet ambitious concept album from an artist who composed original guitar, bass, synthesizer, and recorders to intertwine Latter-day Saint scriptures. Each track weaves interconnected songs, borrowing lyrics from the Old Testament, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants with instrumentation rooted in the progressive rock genre.

With reverence and creativity, the artist's full-length album takes listeners on a journey that reflects the beauty and complexity of creation. From the bright electric guitar to the recorders, harmonies, and spoken word segments, each element adds depth and meaning to the album, demonstrating the artist's dedication to creating music for the Kingdom of God.

It invites listeners on a musical journey into a unifying theme and narrative. The album's dynamic range captivates with energizing up-tempo tracks and dense soundscapes incorporating elements of surf rock, fast instrumentation, and spoken word readings of the creation story. Melodic ballads provide a softer contrast for a more emotional exploration of Heavenly Father's creation. Through extended instrumental passages and complex arrangements, the artist displays instrumental virtuosity, delivering a captivating musical experience.

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