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Adorable Cow Waist Pack

Unisex Fanny Pack

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This adorable bull print, farm animal on a waist-pack. We resisted the urge to say adora-bull, you're welcome. 

This lightweight hip pack includes an adjustable strap to fit any waist while lying flat against the body. The back panel is made to protect from wear and tear and is easy to clean. It also includes a back zipper, an inside zipper pocket, and 3 cardholders. This fanny pack features an adjustable handle with a clip and a liner with an inside divider for organizing. 

.: One size
.: 100% Polyester
.: Adjustable strap
.: Back zipper
.: Inside zipper pocket
.: 3 Card holders
.: Original art print on the outside
.: Black lining with inside divider area

Do you call it a waist pack? A fanny pack? A hip pack? If you grew up in the 80s we know what you called it and we're okay with that. 

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