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LDS Art of The Restoration: Joseph Smith First Vision Graphic Art Triptych

LDS Art of The Restoration: Joseph Smith First Vision Graphic Art Triptych

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Set of 3 Prints on Acrylic or Canvas

Celebrate the miraculous events in the earliest days of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with this triptych of 3 acrylic vertical panels that are hand polished to look like glass. Each panel is 36 inches tall and 12 inches wide (most concert posters are 24 inches tall, so this is quite tall).

The artist sought to capture 3 key moments in the early unfolding of Joseph Smith's prophetic mission: studying the Bible in James 1:5 in Joseph's boyhood farmhouse in Palmyra, then praying vocally in the Sacred Grove in 1820, and the third, the ancient prophet Moroni delivering the Book of Mormon on gold plates in 1827.

The prints are crafted with high-quality, 0.25 inch-thick acrylic that is hand-polished for crystal clear edges and vivid colors. Each comes with a French cleat hanging system with screws included to ensure easy and accurate installation. This triptych is a wonderful way to bring some spiritual inspiration and beauty to your home or office.

The series is the work of artist and designer, Joe Pemberton, who studied visual art at Brigham Young University. He attempts to bring a modern, graphic novel aesthetic, emphasized through brush movement, and textural depth, that brings gospel themes into a contemporary context. The bold color and dynamic angles draw interest and lift the eye to loftier things, while the expressive details convey the emotion and significance of each scene.

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About production and shipping

_ Professional photo lab quality print
_ Hand polished crystal clear edges
_ Three-pieces, each 12'' x 36''
_ French cleat hanging installation system and screws included
_ Made from 0.25” thick Grade A acrylic
_ Painted by the artist in the USA 🇺🇸
_ Printed in the USA 🇺🇸

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