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Brett Cain is an ambitious author hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Brett honed his skills alongside world-class swordsmen and earned a silver medal as a Golden Gloves boxer, but Brett's true aim is to turn written language into artfully told stories. His journey began in Illinois, but it's Washington State where he was raised and is now raising his own family.

A man of diverse experiences, Brett has ventured into the realms of a Court Interpreter, paraeducator, flagger, fiscal analyst, swim coach, and a Spanish language missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These encounters with life's myriad facets have provided rich fodder for his tales. Brett's dedication to his craft extends to the joy he finds in sharing stories with his beloved daughter, underscoring the power of narrative to connect and inspire. His debut novel, "Whiteout," has received accolades from reputable publications such as Meridian Magazine and Deseret News.

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